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Luxent Hotel unveils new Executive Chef and new A la Carte items

Luxent Hotel unveils new Executive Chef and new A la Carte items

July is always a month of grand celebrations at Luxent Hotel. This year, there’s the arrival of a new member of the Luxent Hotel F&B family, and a new wave of tempting a la carte choices to place orders on. The hotel’s Lush Bar & Lounge will be releasing more than a dozen new items on all categories for the dining pleasure of its customers.

A new chef in the house

Helping bring the new dishes for everyone’s pleasure is Luxent Hotel’s new Executive Chef, Mr. Allan Capa. The talented chef has been serving guests with great food for 14 years in the food and beverage industry.

“I feel empowered and thankful to be in the Luxent F&B family that supports and believes in what I can offer. This is a great opportunity to serve the best dishes to the hotel’s guests to give them the most enjoyable dining experience every time. It is an honor to provide dishes that will delightfully surprise our customers,” Chef Allan says.

The accomplished chef has a broad knowledge and extensive skill in Italian, Arabic, Indian, and Japanese cuisines. A strict superior, Chef Allan prides in creating concepts from his cooking roots and re-creating dishes with new twists. He does this all the while making sure supplies are excellent and manages his team well to make the best output.

His extensive experience and training came from his culinary journey from the Philippines to luxury dining joints in the Middle East, back, and there again. He went from being a demi chef in Saudi Arabia and Dubai, to become a Chef de Partie for the Al Fordan Group in Doha, Qatar. He briefly returned to the country as a Sous Chef until becoming a Head Chef in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). From there, he came to settle as the Executive Chef of Luxent Hotel.

Chef Allan invites everyone to come and taste their new creations, “It is truly my wish to become a good chef, showcase my knowledge and teach aspiring cooks, too. I’m privileged to work with a team with knowledge and passion here at Luxent Hotel. Please watch out for our upcoming offers as me and my team are constantly researching and developing dishes with modern techniques,” he says.

Breakfast and All Day Dining

The most important meal of the day gets new additions to the Pinoy and Western classics currently on the menu.

Chicken and Mushroom Bruschetta – a combination of rye bread, wild mushroom and pan-seared chicken with spinach; Pavlova Pancakes – delicious home-style pancakes topped off with strawberry, ripe mango, and mandarin orange, and lastly the Tomato Feta Bruschetta, which brings together toasted rye bread with cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, and chiffonade basil.

For all-day dining, there’s Fish & Chips, and lastly, Fish Tacos, which are fish fingers drizzled in Sriracha mayo and served with potato wedges.

Soups and Salads

Appetizers receive new additions to their lineup, too. For soups, the new Cream of Pumpkin Soup is a reinvented classic, of pureed pumpkin with cream, and topped off with herbed croutons. Salad lovers will love the new Greek salad with its fresh greens, cheese, and balsamic vinaigrette. There’s also add-ons for those who want a salad to their own preferences, like grilled chicken, and shrimps.

Kids’ Menu

Kids can now also choose the new Mac & Cheese, an all-time classic served with garlic bread.


The main course is now expanded with lots of new sumptuous selections.

Try the Confit Pork Belly – slow-cooked yummy pork belly, the Sesame Crusted Tuna – pan-seared sesame crusted tuna with tropical mango salsa and sides.

Other choices include the new Spicy Cheesy Grilled Squid – char-grilled squid stuffed with green chilies and mozzarella cheese, and the Korean Braise Beef Bowl, stir-fried beef slices glazed with special Bulgogi sauce on top of kimchi fried rice and Asian slaw. Lastly is the new Surf & Turf, an amazing sampler of grilled beef, tiger prawn gambas, and salmon on top of mashed potato.

Filipino Favorites

Two new dishes crown this a la carte section: the Chicken Inasal and Pakbet at Bagnet. The former is grilled chicken leg quarter marinated in a special formula from the province of Bacolod, complete with a side of garlic rice. Pakbet and Bagnet combines the ultimate Pinoy classic vegetable dish Pinakbet with the Ilocano special Bagnet, or deep-fried crispy pork belly.


Topping the list of new a la carte items is a new squad of sweet treats for post-meal enjoyment. The traditional Filipino turon gets an upgrade to become the Turon with Ice Cream – banana rolls infused with langka (jackfruit) and served with vanilla ice cream and caramel syrup.

Other new tongue ticklers are the Blueberry Cheesecake – the king of cheesecakes, topped with blueberry compote; Crème Brulee – which is custard cream with caramelized sugar on top, and the super satisfying Triple Chocolate Cake, a multi-layered cake of all-chocolate sponge cake, mousse, and ganache.

All these new a la carte items will be available at the Lush Bar & Lounge.

Surviving the pandemic: A tip from the champions

Surviving the pandemic: A tip from the champions

It is no doubt that the ongoing health crisis has heavily affected the hospitality industry around the globe, yet luckily, Luxent Hotel thrived during this season. Spearheaded by the General Manager Melanie Siy-Pagkalinawan, a great turnaround had paved the way for the hoteliers who were furloughed and experienced a decrease in work hours. Her holistic approach and prudence, together with the department heads’ team efforts, a brilliant scheme had given birth to the “Bring Me Home” collection.

This advocacy promotes the employees’ gastronomic discoveries during the Enhanced Community Quarantine. The campaign launched on July 27, 2020 at the 8th anniversary of the hotel.

Bring Me Home collection started with Marielle Cabaltera (Sales and Marketing Department), brought in tubs of heavenly Cookie Tiramisu and billowy Banoffee Pies. Which was eventually followed by Clein Villanueva (Human Resources Department) who shared a special take on the crowd-craze, Ube Cheese Pandesal.

And just like a domino effect, these attracted more employees to share their culinary masterpieces. From the Finance Department, Imelda Dilag and Jason Lu sold Red Velvet Pandesal, Dark Chocolate Cupcakes, Classic, and Chocolate Banana Loaves. Pagkalinawan herself has the best-selling Milk Tea & Fruit Tea selections.

The campaign has made rounds on social media which warmed the hearts of its viewers and made empty stomachs full. The entire Luxent Hotel community is deeply honored as the Bring Me Home campaign brought home a prestigious Virtus Award from the Hotel Sales and Marketing Association entitled, “Champion of Resilience”.

The hospitality industry is being reimagined in creative ways and Luxent Hotel is proud to be one of the leading hotels in coping up with these changes. Generating various income streams is what the management aims for. The good news is that there would be more delightful pastries coming your way. You can check out this link to see the available food items (bit.ly/LH-Menu) ready for delivery and pick-up.

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